Location Munich, Germany
Genres Acrylic, Contemporary,...

Hi, I'm Verena and call myself SPLINART. I'm a self taught arising artist. I just started and express myself in colorful images. I try to combine abstract backgrounds with realtistic portraits. Also, it's very important to me to tell a story with my artwork.

Paparazzo (Acrylic)
Paparazzo (Acrylic)

I painted a girl who loves fashion and make-up.

Close 2 water (Watercolor on paper)

I am on holiday and inspired by the beautiful environment. So I painted a mermaid.

Fashion Hunter (acrylic)
Fashion Hunter (acrylic)

On her walk she collected different things which are available in nature, such as mushrooms, butterfly, a feather and animals such as owls.

Wake up - Lost in my dreams (acrylic)

Wake up – Lost in my dreams is a story about a girl who refuses to wake up or she can’t wake up due to some reasons. It's a symbol of today's far too busy society.

Breathe! (Watercolor and acrylic on paper)

My latest project and first experience with watercolor (amazing! Have u ever tried it?!

Sick of Vogue (Watercolor and acrylic on paper)

I painted a mix of watercolor and acrylic, which shows a girl sick of vogue.

Haute Couture Flower Hair (Acrylic on canvas)

I had this great picture in my mind what I wanted to paint; but it turned out to go in another direction. 

Rita Hayworth (Acrylic on canvas)

Abstract acrylic painting on canvas inspired by Rita Hayworth.

Hummingbirds in Love (acrylic)

I painted a couple of hummingbirds, who are in love and fly their love dance.