Name Sandy Richter
Location Ontario, Canada
Genres Digital Mixed Media

I’ve always had computers in my life. I started working with them in high school and have been involved with the computer world in one way or another ever since. I started out coding and network troubleshooting and over the years my work has transitioned into the graphical end of the technology spectrum. I’ve also had a life-long passion for photography as well — combine these elements together and you have a happy and fulfilled Digital Artist, living and working at my studio in the Ottawa Valley, in Ontario, Canada.

Take 5 (Digital)

In this artwork I wanted to convey the ache, blisters and pain ...

Miss Kitty (Digital)

'Miss Kitty' is a character from my artwork piece ' Before the Concert' ...

The Violinist (Digital)

'The Violinist' is a character from my artwork piece 'Before the Concert' ...

Victrola of Time (Digital)

'Victrola of Time' is a companion piece to 'Queen of Broken Hearts' ...

Summer Fun (Digital)

The inspiration of this piece came to me from sentimental memories ...

Rainy Day Lovers (Digital)

This fine art piece is a digital watercolour depicting two lovers sharing a kiss ...

MidKnight Ride (Digital)

This fine art fantasy piece depicts a knight riding through the forest at midnight ...

Basket of Roses (Digital)

My inspiration for this piece came from a Shakespeare quote "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

Queen of Broken Hearts (Digital)

Surreal fantasy photo composition depicting the queen of hearts and her regrets over past actions.

Blue Knight (digital)

Digital photo fantasy composition, depicting a knight who is swearing his allegiance to his Sovereign.

Elation in the Dance (digital)

Elation in the Dance shows couple that is lost in the dance as if they are the only two people in the world.