Name Naoki Faith
Location Boston, USA
Genres Drawing and Acrylic

I'm Naoki and happy to live and laugh :-). Life is beautiful and a lucky to call myself a full-time artist who paints and draws from daily inspirations.

Wooo-Hooo (digital, pencil)

Whooo-Hooo: An owl stays awake when the rest of the world sleeps. What does he see and know that the rest of the world is missing?

Night Owl (watercolor, acrylic, digital)

Are you a night person, too? Tell the world by wearing this shirt.

Life on a farm (watercolor, acrylic, digital)

When I was a child I spent my summer vacations on a small farm and played with biddies.

Let us look great again (collages, digital)

A spread eagle is for me a symbol of freedom, strength, wisdom and rigor.