Name Malika Kurbanova
Location Austria
Genres All types of techniques, from sketching till wall painting.

There is no any specific technique or subject of my drawings: I do what I feel in a way I feel it. With acryl or pencil, tablet or lipstick, my every sketch is a feeling, is a story behind lines. Here I keep my stories.

Sweet November (Watercolor)

When you allow November to happen ...

Dream Man (Watercolor)

Wild wild west is probably the most interesting topic to read about.

Battle (Watercolor)

Feed your demons until they eat you.

Tenderness (Acrylic, Canvas)

People like to have princess stories on their walls

Mischief (Watercolor)

Every girl is a bit of troublemaker

Vienna Waltz (Watercolor)

I have a dream...

Provocation (Watercolor)

The most dangerous strength is the Beauty of being natural

V for Vanity! (Watercolor)

If my mirror could show my inner character =)

Trust (Watercolor)

Be careful with those, whom you trust.

Scarlett (Watercolor)

Tomorrow is another day...

Summertime Sadness (Digital)

Kiss me hard before you go...

Sherlock (Watercolor)

Do you hear this intro song from...

Shameless Youth! (Watercolor)

Save your heart from getting old...

Amsterdam (Watercolor)

I used to draw when I was too tired to work with Excel reports.

Es tut mir Leid, Pocachontas! (Abstract, Acrylic)

I am so sorry, Pocachontas...

Cien años de soledad (Watercolor)

The books of Gabriel García Márquez are the craziest...

Okay (Texture Paste)

When you have nothing but agree with it all.

Somewhere over the rainbow (Acrylic, Canvas)

The places which give you strength...

Searching for you (Paper, Texture Paste, Watercolor )

To the depths of the ocean...

Line (Digital, Watercolor)

With dot it starts, with line it continues.

Singing to Julia (Collage, Digital, Watercolor)

For everyone's first Love! Cheers!

Passion (Watercolor)

Tango mood for prideful hearts!

Grammophone Vibes (Marker, Paper)

Whenever you feel cold and dead...

Viva! (Watercolor)

Sometimes women need to be reminded about their worth.

Gracefulness of a penguin (Airbrush)

This is exactly the feeling...

Indifference (Watercolor)

At some point your soul refuse to react anymore.

Hidden Dragon (Collage)

Little girl inside me remembers every little detail.

Guten Abend, sweety! (Watercolor)

Meeting of two Worlds...

Come along with me (Watercolor)

A song of Titiyo "Come Along" brings you in a seductive mood.

Big city life (Digital)

A small town always has its big hero, be one!

Butterfly effect (Watercolor)

Whenever I draw, I listen to audiobooks...

Butterflies in my head (Watercolor, Paper)

Do you feel them too when you are falling into someone?

Swallowing Pride (Pastel, Paper)

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain, we all have sorrow.

Birdy (Acrylic, Canvas)

If you do not love, you do not live.

Happy Birthday Balloon! (Acrylic, Canvas)

A Birthday - Hallo made for my little sister...

Willkommen Österreich (Watercolor)

Was inspired by watching "The Sound of Music" movie...