Name Ember Looten
Location USA
Genres Mixed Media

Hey guys! I'm Ember. I'm from the middle of nowhere USA. Having few options of entertainment leaves me plenty of time to do what I love, creating art! Art has been my one constant in life, I was drawing before I could talk. I am a legally blind artist who paints in order to show the world my point of view. I draw exactly what I see, colors and all! My work has been described to me as a form of pop art with a Scanner Darkly twist. I create my art by using mixed media. At first glance I notice only blurs of color. So I begin by laying down watercolor to form a vague outline of what I truly see. I then focus on the details by zooming in on a photo and draw those with marker. Last but not least, I add highlights and shadows by using white and black paint to make the form three dimensional. This is a trick I have had to teach myself over the years as I have no depth perception. I do not consider my sight as a disability but as a unique perspective that I love to share.

Splash in Some Color (Acrylic, Paper, Watercolor )

A splash of color can brighten any day.

Not Dead Yet (Acrylic, Paper, Watercolor )

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. It is a time for tricks and treats and I believe her expression captures both of these elements.

Color In The Void (Acrylic, Paper, Watercolor )

Color in the void, find the beauty within and let it shine through so bright that you need sunglasses!

Pirate (Acrylic, Paper, Watercolor )

Sleep with wolves and you'll learn to howl