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Ember Looten
Ember Looten
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Maxim Sergeev
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Malika Kurbanova
Fethers Studio
Fethers Studio
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Stephanie Noblet
Illusive Illustration
Illusive Illustration
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Sandy Richter
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Ivy Art
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Kari Fancy




A Relapse of Consciousness (acrylic)

This piece is a cut paper collage using images from vintage magazines...

New Year (Paper, Watercolor )

Winnie Harlow in Chanel for hunger magazine !♥ By Yanick Monteiro

Universe (Paper, Watercolor )

A series of watercolor portraits: the mood is the color.

Splash in Some Color (Acrylic, Paper, Watercolor )

A splash of color can brighten any day.

NY (Paper, Watercolor )

A series of watercolor portraits: the mood is the color.

Tenderness (Acrylic, Canvas)

People like to have princess stories on their walls

Serenity (Paper, Watercolor )

A series of watercolor portraits: the mood is the color.

Shameless Youth! (Watercolor)

Save your heart from getting old...

V for Vanity! (Watercolor)

If my mirror could show my inner character =)

Tea Wednesday (Digital, Paper )

Mid december, mid week…is time for a Tea and tranquility.

Sweet November (Watercolor)

When you allow November to happen ...

Inspiration (Paper, Watercolor )

A series of watercolor portraits: the mood is the color.

Mischief (Watercolor)

Every girl is a bit of troublemaker

Coffee Monday (Digital, Paper )

Getting back to routine on monday morning it’s probably hard for everybody after a beautiful weekend.

Vienna Waltz (Watercolor)

I have a dream...

Provocation (Watercolor)

The most dangerous strength is the Beauty of being natural

Battle (Watercolor)

Feed your demons until they eat you.

Dream Man (Watercolor)

Wild wild west is probably the most interesting topic to read about.

Trust (Watercolor)

Be careful with those, whom you trust.

Scarlett (Watercolor)

Tomorrow is another day...

Summertime Sadness (Digital)

Kiss me hard before you go...

Sherlock (Watercolor)

Do you hear this intro song from...

Amsterdam (Watercolor)

I used to draw when I was too tired to work with Excel reports.

Es tut mir Leid, Pocachontas! (Abstract, Acrylic)

I am so sorry, Pocachontas...

Cien años de soledad (Watercolor)

The books of Gabriel García Márquez are the craziest...

Okay (Texture Paste)

When you have nothing but agree with it all.

Somewhere over the rainbow (Acrylic, Canvas)

The places which give you strength...

Searching for you (Paper, Texture Paste, Watercolor )

To the depths of the ocean...

Line (Digital, Watercolor)

With dot it starts, with line it continues.

Singing to Julia (Collage, Digital, Watercolor)

For everyone's first Love! Cheers!

Passion (Watercolor)

Tango mood for prideful hearts!

Grammophone Vibes (Marker, Paper)

Whenever you feel cold and dead...

Viva! (Watercolor)

Sometimes women need to be reminded about their worth.

Gracefulness of a penguin (Airbrush)

This is exactly the feeling...

Indifference (Watercolor)

At some point your soul refuse to react anymore.

Hidden Dragon (Collage)

Little girl inside me remembers every little detail.

Guten Abend, sweety! (Watercolor)

Meeting of two Worlds...

Come along with me (Watercolor)

A song of Titiyo "Come Along" brings you in a seductive mood.

Big city life (Digital)

A small town always has its big hero, be one!

Butterfly effect (Watercolor)

Whenever I draw, I listen to audiobooks...

Butterflies in my head (Watercolor, Paper)

Do you feel them too when you are falling into someone?

Swallowing Pride (Pastel, Paper)

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain, we all have sorrow.

Birdy (Acrylic, Canvas)

If you do not love, you do not live.

Happy Birthday Balloon! (Acrylic, Canvas)

A Birthday - Hallo made for my little sister...

Willkommen Österreich (Watercolor)

Was inspired by watching "The Sound of Music" movie...

Music is Art (Acrylic, Canvas)

Art and Music can heal a soul...

Take 5 (Digital)

In this artwork I wanted to convey the ache, blisters and pain ...

Miss Kitty (Digital)

'Miss Kitty' is a character from my artwork piece ' Before the Concert' ...

The Violinist (Digital)

'The Violinist' is a character from my artwork piece 'Before the Concert' ...

Garden (Paper, Watercolor)

Just a nice, simple, and pretty picture...

Feather (Paper, Watercolor)

Sometimes, less is more..

Lorna (Acrylic, Canvas )

This is Lorna...

Spirit (acrylic)

The fox is like my spirit animal...

Strength (acrylic)

Tigers are a great subject for me to paint when I need to be reminded that I should stay strong...

Tiger (Acrylic, Canvas, Texture Paste)

This tiger was painted with a spoon and a paddle pop (lolly) stick...

Not Dead Yet (Acrylic, Paper, Watercolor )

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. It is a time for tricks and treats and I believe her expression captures both of these elements.

Color In The Void (Acrylic, Paper, Watercolor )

Color in the void, find the beauty within and let it shine through so bright that you need sunglasses!

Victrola of Time (Digital)

'Victrola of Time' is a companion piece to 'Queen of Broken Hearts' ...

White Cockatoo (acrylic)

I took a photo of this cockatoo recently on a road trip of mine...

Pirate (Acrylic, Paper, Watercolor )

Sleep with wolves and you'll learn to howl

Summer Fun (Digital)

The inspiration of this piece came to me from sentimental memories ...

Double Drummer (Acrylic, Canvas )

A nice simple, and calming painting of a cicada...

Soulmate (Watercolor)

Soulmate had been one of my biggest challenge when I started to draw it in 2013.

Rainy Day Lovers (Digital)

This fine art piece is a digital watercolour depicting two lovers sharing a kiss ...

Paparazzo (Acrylic)
Paparazzo (Acrylic)

I painted a girl who loves fashion and make-up.

Orchestra (Watercolor)

Orchestra is one of my expressive and gestural paintings, I enjoy to express the beauty of innocence , and fragility of the woman.

Society's Brainwashing (Watercolor)

This is a conceptual illustration i painted a few months ago based on the idea that our society tries to limit our ways of thinking, filtering our information and our expression of personal identity.

MidKnight Ride (Digital)

This fine art fantasy piece depicts a knight riding through the forest at midnight ...

Fading under (Watercolor)

Fading under - Painted with Tea, Coffee & Watercolour.

Boat in mug (Watercolor)

Surrealist illustration: painted with Tea, Coffee & Watercolour.

Wake up - Lost in my dreams (acrylic)

Wake up – Lost in my dreams is a story about a girl who refuses to wake up or she can’t wake up due to some reasons. It's a symbol of today's far too busy society.

Hipster Surfer (pencil, digital)

On a vacation trip to Munich I discovered that people surf there on one single wave in a river in the city.

Fashion Hunter (acrylic)
Fashion Hunter (acrylic)

On her walk she collected different things which are available in nature, such as mushrooms, butterfly, a feather and animals such as owls.

Artificial Haute Couture Fary (collages, digital)

Passion for haute couture and fary tales.

Universal Mind (collages, digital)

Yoko Ono: "You may think I'm small, but I have a universe in my head".

Rita Hayworth (Acrylic on canvas)

Abstract acrylic painting on canvas inspired by Rita Hayworth.

Music is Art (Black n White) (Acrylic, Canvas)

Art and Music can heal a soul...

Moon girl (collages, digital)

The moon girl likes to be awake whereas the most people (in the same time zone) are sleeping.

Big Ben (watercolor, digital)

We had a rainy day in London and I thought this is a good opportunitiy to give the Big Ben some color

Haute Couture Flower Hair (Acrylic on canvas)

I had this great picture in my mind what I wanted to paint; but it turned out to go in another direction. 

Breathe! (Watercolor and acrylic on paper)

My latest project and first experience with watercolor (amazing! Have u ever tried it?!

Hummingbirds in Love (acrylic)

I painted a couple of hummingbirds, who are in love and fly their love dance.

Life on a farm (watercolor, acrylic, digital)

When I was a child I spent my summer vacations on a small farm and played with biddies.

Red Flower (watercolor, digital)

Girls love boys who buy them flowers.

Close 2 water (Watercolor on paper)

I am on holiday and inspired by the beautiful environment. So I painted a mermaid.

The yelling lion (watercolor, digital)

I enjoy watercolor paintings, drawing and digital art. The lion is the result of a crazy summer vacation in Africa.

Elation in the Dance (digital)

Elation in the Dance shows couple that is lost in the dance as if they are the only two people in the world.

Queen of Broken Hearts (Digital)

Surreal fantasy photo composition depicting the queen of hearts and her regrets over past actions.