Our Values & Corporate Social Responsibility
Get to know our values: How we behave and what we think

We would like to give you a better impression of who we are and our work ethic. Take a look at our values and CSR and see what our business is made out of and what we believe in.  We appreciate partners and customers who share our perspective and who would like to work with us on this basis.

We care about our environment

Eco-conscious manufactured tees: Everything that our tee supplier Bella+Canvas cannot turn into a tee is either recycled or repurposed. We think this is the minimum we can do for our lovely planet.

We care about trees

Eco-friendly packaging: We are truly interested in sustainable packaging alternatives that reduce waste. Our innovative packaging is made out of 100% recycled materials because the least we want to do is spreading the world with more trash.

We love the sun

Our manufacturing partners are selected for green behavior. For example, Bella+Canvas’ machine power, climate control and light comes from solar energy.

We care about the worker

Our partners are based in the United States in order to support local businesses and their employees.

We empower our partners

Artists create amazing artwork and this needs to get honored: Dive in into their profiles and get fascinated by their artworks. Plus, the fusion of artwork and fashion allows us to create amazing street styles.

We have a high quality claim

To ensure the placement of professional, creative artwork we check every single artist’s application. Of course, it takes time, but it’s the only way to comply with our high standards.

We want to make our clients happy

We appreciate every single customer, artist and artwork. Giving each individual the best one on one service they deserve. Because only together we are strong and can focus on what we all love: creating beautiful art.

We’re different and strive to implement ideas fast

We always strive to produce excellent, creative and innovative work. Therefore, we have dynamic processes and procedures, allowing our team to try new ideas on the fly and react fast to customer requests.

We appreciate a trusted environment

We’re honest and dedicated to our work. We believe that a trusted environment is the only way to work with clients and partners to deliver the best work. Therefore, we carefully choose our partners.