The idea is born
Los Angeles, May 2016

A young fashion and art enthusiast finishes her studies and discovers her passion for acrylic paintings (okay, she was already crazy about it during kindergarten period but lost sight of it when reality of school and education started). She watched tons of videos on how to do it and got fascinated with every new video. She thought: "How cool would it be to have the videos, pictures and stories all in one place?". But very soon, she realized there isn’t any all-in-one platform where artists have the chance to stand out of the crowd – to show the world their unique talent. She had this dream of bringing fashion and art lovers together enabling them to follow the creation of art - from a blank canvas to a finished product with the option of buying authentic fashion prints. That was the day when she spent every single minute to put her idea into practice.


The platform goes life
Los Angeles, September 2016

Countless all-nighters and discussions with her new won co-founder later, the platform was ready to welcome every artist who wants to focus on his/her passion instead of dealing with the burden of bureaucracy such as getting known on the one hand and making a life of it on the other hand.

Now fashionistas can get to know the artists, learn more about them and their art. Get inspired. Click here.


The Shop goes life
Los Angeles, March 2017

We had this amazing time of getting to know great artists and partners who supported our vision of selling authentic art on fashion items and valuing our social responsibility. It's a great way for artists not only to present themselves on our artwork platform, but also to sell their unique artwork in our fashion shop. Moreover, it's amazing for every art and fashion lover to value that artists spend many days on a single piece of art on the one hand and care about their environment on the other hand.


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High quality art. High quality fashion.

Our claim is to offer you the best out of art and fashion.
We care about artists who create time-consuming art
and fashion suppliers who produce socially responsible.